Substructure provides departments of transportation (DOTs) with inspection information and marine rehabilitation services for marine structures under their purview.

Building upon many years of broad DOT experience, we provide innovative, turnkey solutions with cost-effective results. For underwater structures and environments, Substructure’s experienced and highly trained commercial divers provide DOTs with detailed structural surveys, including high-resolution video documentation. Substructure’s certified dive program is held to various national standards, including the US Army Corps of Engineers EM 385 1-1.

In areas where diving might not yield reliable results – such as in turbid water, low visibility, in hazardous currents, and in relatively deep water or in otherwise dangerous conditions – Substructure acquires structural bathymetric or structural acoustic data. The geo-referenced data from our structural surveys shows areas of scour and gross structural defects.

To protect waterfront and underwater structures, DOTs utilize Substructure’s rehabilitation services, including epoxy encapsulation (Substructure is a world leader), marine corrosion control (installation of anodes, application of coatings, and cathodic protection) and scour prevention measures.

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