To ensure that clients receive high-resolution seafloor characterization data at the greatest accuracy, reliability, and repeatability possible, Substructure designs, builds, and outfits the hydrographic survey boats, barges, and other platforms used in its hydrographic and structural survey operations.

Significant research and testing go into each survey platform or mount that Substructure builds. Outfitted with top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, data gathering and processing instrumentation, our vessels allow us to efficiently obtain reliable and extremely accurate data in a wide variety of survey locations – from fast-moving tidal waters to protected reservoirs.

See survey vessel Orion and reservoir-approved survey barge to learn more.

Substructure also designs, builds, and outfits marine construction barges to match the demands for safe, effective work platforms in diverse field situations.

Read more about custom aluminum barges.


Survey Vessel Orion

Coastal survey vessel Orion is used to conduct multibeam hydrographic surveys to International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Special Order standards.


Survey Vessel Mintaka

The newest addition to Substructure’s survey fleet is Mintaka, a 33’ aluminum vessel custom designed for use in long-duration, near shore hydrographic surveys. 


Custom Aluminum Barges

Substructure custom designed  aluminum marine construction barges that can be configured to make work platforms for diverse field situations.


Reservoir-Approved Survey Barge

Substructure designed, tested, and fabricated a highly mobile platform that is environmentally compliant.