Industrial Services

Substructure’s experienced team of engineers, marine scientists, divers, data specialists, and licensed captains complete complex marine services projects on time and on budget.

Solving complex and multidimensional marine challenges by integrating techniques from our different service backgrounds is what we do best. See how we can apply our broad experience and varied expertise to help you efficiently solve your marine-based problems. Meet our staff.

To learn more about Substructure’s unique approach to marine problem solving and to see how we can help your business, please contact us today.


Substructure conducts both small- and large-scale hydrographic surveys to support a wide range of applications.


Commercial Diving

Highly trained commercial divers with decades of experience in underwater assessment, marine repair, maintenance, construction.


Marine Corrosion Control

We use advanced solutions to protect piers, waterfront facilities, vessels from corrosion, waves, ultraviolet deterioration, marine organisms.


Marine Design, Fabrication, & Integration

Substructure has years of experience solving complex and challenging marine construction problems.


Marine Rehabilitation

Offering a wide range of marine repair / maintenance from waterfront facilities upgrades to retrofitting / rehabilitation.


Custom-Built and Patented Equipment

Custom-built equipment and tools lets us complete jobs efficiently, safely with higher-quality results.