Substructure’s extensive marine services experience and commitment to developing long-lasting solutions to challenging problems is reflected in the topics discussed below.  


Hydrographic Surveys

A hydrographic survey can provide such descriptive information as depth of water (bathymetry), the nature of the seafloor material, features of the seafloor, and the presence of objects on the seafloor.


Commercial Diving

Commercial divers are highly skilled, trained to perform a multitude of underwater tasks.  For most commercial divers, training began at either an accredited commercial diving school or the military.


Marine Corrosion

Vessels and marine structures are routinely exposed to extremely corrosive environments. The estimated cost of corrosion control worldwide $50-80 billion a year.


Epoxy Encapsulation

The process of marine pile encapsulation has existed for over a century. This process is a very effective and economical method of protecting expensive capital investments.