Power Plants

Substructure has extensive experience working with intake and outfall structures at power plants.

With a crew that places a premium on safety procedures and offers years of preventative maintenance work in power plants, Substructure makes an ideal and knowledgeable maintenance contractor. Substructure’s in-house engineers and technicians design, fabricate, and install customized equipment required for maintenance, repair, and upgrading, such as trash racks, stop logs, stop log guide systems, and traveling water screens, as well as many minor components that are subject to corrosion.

Our corrosion-control services include anode installation, marine coatings application, and impressed-current cathodic protection system installations. Our years of experience with power plants enable us to design effective and long-lasting site-specific systems.

Substructure’s commercial divers have an intimate knowledge of power plants and regularly perform plant maintenance, including general preventative maintenance, dewatering, removal of biofouling, and intake structure cleaning. Our dive team places extreme importance on safety precautions; our certified dive program is held to national standards and all divers hold OSHA-10 cards and a variety of safety certifications.

To learn more about a preventative maintenance program for your facility, please contact us today.