Marine Construction

A certified marine construction small business, Substructure provides turnkey solutions for construction companies and engineering firms with marine-based problems.

Since the company was formed, in 1996, we have worked with some of the largest construction and engineering companies on the US East Coast. Known for providing custom-built solutions, Substructure regularly introduces equipment to job sites that improves efficiency and reduces costs. Substructure’s smart, reliable commercial divers provide accurate inspection results. Real-time high resolution video is provided of all dive operations in digital format. Our dive teams have extensive experience installing complex sub-sea solutions and performing marine maintenance operations.

Construction and engineering firms regularly employ Substructure for hydrographic and structural survey services to assist in their operations. Structural surveys are incredibly valuable for acquiring repeatable, accurate data regarding existing conditions of marine structures. Substructure is able to blend diving operations and remote sensing to acquire these accurate results in even the most turbid conditions.

Substructure's hydrographic surveys provide highly accurate base maps for the positioning of new marine structures. Our survey vessel, Orion, provides geo-referenced seafloor and sub-bottom profiling. This information is extremely useful in the design and installation of marine projects such as placing pipelines, cabling, installation of revetments, and similar projects.

Substructure's commitment to safety is its first priority. In addition to the extensive safety training all Substructure personnel undergo, the dive teams have recently completed a one-of-a-kind confined space rescue certification. Read more about Substructure diver safety.

To learn more about what Substructure can do for your firm, please contact us today.