Sacrificial Anode Installation


Design and install sacrificial anode system to protect shipyard.


Completed project on time and on budget

Met Class B Structural Standards for all welds

Successfully installed 386 anodes

Project Details

Substructure was chosen to design and install a sacrificial anode system for the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Naval Shipyard.  A total of 386 anodes were installed at the facility.  Substructure hired a third-party quality control firm to do a 100-percent weld inspection, which confirmed that all welds met Class B Structural Standards.  All underwater welds were photographed for review.

This job entailed working a seven-man dive team six days a week to complete the installation on time.  The entire Substructure crew worked diligently to complete this job in just about two months, finishing the job on budget as well as on time.

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