Techs laser scan each pile after cleaning for quality control before continuing encapsulation process.

Techs laser scan each pile after cleaning for quality control before continuing encapsulation process.

Substructure has innovatively refined the epoxy encapsulation process in numerous ways to improve installation efficiency and long-term reliability, resulting in better results for our clients. 

Standout advancements have occurred in the development of surface-cleaning equipment and plural-component pumps.

The Importance of a Clean Surface 

A crucial first step in the epoxy encapsulation process is often overlooked by both contractors and, surprisingly, engineers: producing a uniformly clean surface. 

To achieve the optimal bond strength between epoxy grout and a structural member, the structural member must be flawlessly clean. Any marine growth or corrosion (even a coating of flash rust) acts as a release agent and prohibits an effective bond.  Without the existence of a good bond and the resulting monolithic structure, water intrusion will occur and the corrosion problem will continue.

Traditionally, divers and surface personnel have cleaned surfaces using a water blaster or mechanical device to manually remove marine growth, previous coatings, and surface corrosion. However, this rarely, if ever, produces a uniformly clean surface capable of properly bonding to the epoxy grout. 

To enhance the surface-preparation process, Substructure developed a high-pressure cleaning collar that assures a flawless surface and eliminates the need to use divers in the cleaning process.  Employing orbital jet technology and powered by a state-of the-art 20,000 PSI water-blaster unit, the Substructure-designed collar can clean a pile in less than an hour.

As with most projects, in encapsulation, preparation and attention to detail consistently produce superior results.

See Effective Surface Preparation for additional information.

The Need for an Effective, Commercial, Plural-Component Pump 

The surprising lack of commercially available plural-component pumps capable of pumping high-aggregate epoxy into the fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) jackets prompted Substructure to design and construct an advanced, plural-component pump for epoxy-filled FRP encapsulation.

Pumps normally used for this application were not designed to pump such high-aggregate plural components. Too large, unsafe, and prone to a variety of mechanical failures, these mismatched pumps often produce an improperly blended finished product. The custom-built Substructure solution – specifically designed to mix and pump high-aggregate plural components – is compact, efficient, safe, and reliable.

See Custom-Designed and Fabricated Advanced Epoxy Pump for more detail.

Why Choose Substructure?

Technological advancements and a wealth of encapsulation installation experience are why Substructure remains at the cutting edge of this field. 

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