Hydrographic Surveys

Bathymetric survey of drinking water reservoir in New Hampshire.

Substructure has developed a strong hydrographic survey capability that includes high-resolution multibeam and single-beam bathymetry, side-scan SONAR imaging, acoustic sub-bottom profiling, magnetic anomaly profiling, underwater video (towed and ROV) imaging, and a variety of geotechnical sampling and coring techniques. 

During water-column measurement operations, these same techniques may be supplemented with a variety of surface- or bottom-mounted arrays, which might include water-level gauges, current meters, conductivity/temperature/depth probes, and a wide variety of other sensors. For projects with an upland or above-water component, Substructure can also acquire a wide-range of topographic survey data, from traditional land survey point data to dense and high-resolution scanning laser data.

The goal for all of Substructure’s hydrographic survey operations is to meet or exceed the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) most stringent Special Order accuracy standards. Though there are a wide array of systems that are capable of meeting a broad “multibeam” or “sweep” survey requirement, it is not a trivial process to ensure that these hydrographic equipment are producing accurate and repeatable results. Substructure has taken great care to develop that capability through a combination of vessel design, sensor selection, sensor integration, and survey methods. 

In addition, we rely only on experienced and highly qualified technical personnel to conduct every aspect of the survey project, from the initial planning stages through to the preparation of final deliverables.

Hydrographic Survey Projects