Custom-Built & Patented Equipment

Substructure’s custom-built equipment, components, and tools enable us to complete jobs more efficiently, safely and produce a higher-quality results.

On any given job, it is likely that Substructure will create some unique tool or component to improve efficiency, safety, and/or the end product’s expected quality. Using Substructure’s expansive fabrication shop, Substructure engineers and technicians are able to develop creative solutions to any marine-based problem.

Substructure specializes in the application of corrosion-resistant plastics, composites, and metals, including copper-nickel, nickel-copper, aluminum and stainless alloys.

Custom form clamps built by Substructure for pile encapsulation jobs are a great example of our equipment customization process. A long series of development, testing, customization, and fabrication resulted in a purpose-built, rigid form clamp that provides consistent pressure on all sides of the encapsulation jackets. The production consistency provided by the clamps eliminated jacket blowouts, resulting in superior encapsulations while significantly reducing excessive epoxy consumption.

Another powerful example of Substructure's unique problem-solving approach is in the design and build of lead survey vessel, Orion. Learn more about the custom development of Orion.

Substructure follows this design, test, customize, and fabricate process for all of its projects – from diving, to construction, to surveying. The goal in creating custom-built equipment is always to increase efficiency, to reduce risks, and/or to increase the quality and reliability of the end product.

To learn more about Substructure’s unique approach to marine problem solving and to see how we can help your business, please contact us today.

advanced epoxy pump

Advanced Epoxy Pump

Our patented pumping system is compact, efficient, safe, and reliable.